ETSViewer 1.0

A Java independent platform designed to view ETS files
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ETS Viewer is used to access mock exams contained in an ETS file. If you have downloaded an ETS file, please download and install ETS Viewer to open the file.
The following is a brief list of features of ETS Viewer:
- Platform Independent - Since it is a Java application, it can be used on practically any platform. You can even transfer your data from one platform to another.
- Multiple Question Types - It support all kinds of Question types such as Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks, Drag and Drop, and True/False.
- Highly Customizable - Besides providing several types of canned test environments, you can also customize pretty much all aspects of a Mock Exam. Several parameters such as Time per question, passing marks, Number of correct options can be set for an individual Test as well as for a group of Tests.
- Leitner Learning Mode - It provides Leitner Learning Mode right out of the box.
- Usability Features - Several features such as Performance History, Notes, Study Notes, URLs, Missed Question tracking, Customized tests, that are necessary for effective preparation are available right out of the box.
- Licensing - A license is given on per user basis instead of per machine basis. You can use the license on any machine you like. The same license works. So you don't have to contact us everytime you change your machine.
- Updates - You are automatically notified of any updates to the Question Bank as well as to ETS Viewer.

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